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Bethanie Hart Paintbrush Tattoo

Bethanie Hart

Paintbrush Tattoo was created by Jackson-raised artist, Bethanie Hart. Bethanie has a degree in art from the University of Wyoming and was trained as a tattoo artist from Monolith Tattoo Academy, one of the premier academies in Oregon. 


When Bethanie is not tattooing, you will find her climbing and skiing in the Tetons or kayaking down the Snake River.

Bethanie specializes in works of color, but also enjoys line-work and black/white shading.

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Shannon Hart

Shannon Hart is our part-time apprentice. Shannon works as a middle school art teacher and spends her free time tattooing!

The same last name of our artists is no-coincidence! After Bethanie opened Paintbrush Tattoo, Shannon was quick to support her daughter.

From helping to set up the shop, to being the first client in Paintbrush's chair, Shannon has been there! Naturally, It wasn't long before Shannon picked up the tattoo machine and joined the team!

Shannon has a lifetime of artistic creation, both as an educator and as an artist.

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